The Future has Arrived


We are proud to introduce a Revolutionary Integrated travel retailing solution that provides travel agents with the necessary tools to PIVOT to stay relevant, compete, grow, drive sales and increase profitability in the Post Covid-19 environment




Schmetterling International, Germany

“Developing an application in-house or using something externally can be a difficult decision. Thanks to OneWurld for your hotel booking platform and your onePromote marketing tool! All tools in one environment and completely connected with all systems, will be a game changer between the customer, travel agency and supplier and gives us new opportunities.”

CHRISTIAN HUNTER Managing Director, Travellers Choice

"The most significant announcement that we have ever made. This is game changing technology for Travellers Choice members and no other independent group has anything like it. The scope is simply immense."


President / CEO, GlobalStar

"We have worked closely with OneWurld since 2018, initially our first contact was to develop and implement our online Hotel booking tool ‘ HotelStar’ since then our relationship has grown further and we are now working with OneWurld on other technology projects as well as supporting their new hotel program ‘Above & Beyond’. OneWurld have always listened closely to our requirements and responded positively and efficiently. An excellent company to work with and a great Partner to GlobalStar for the future. "

DANUKH AMERASINGHE Managing Director, Travel Zone

"We have been offering hotels through our new platform to our clients over the past few months and it has been a tremendous success. Many of those who booked their hotel stays using the conventional Online travel agent platforms are now coming to us as we are able to offer them competitive rates and more options' said Danukh Amerasinghe, Managing Director of Travel Zone ‘further when you book through us we have a dedicated team for you to liaise with for any modifications or special requests with respect to your booking."

DAVID M RIFKIN President / CEO, eGlobalfares

"eGlobalfares has focused on providing a global Multi-GDS airfare delivery technology and frequently been asked by clients and prospects about also including hotel options. When we were introduced to Riaz and Snowstorm Technologies we knew we found a great company with robust products. Working with Snowstorm allows us to provide an Agent Desktop and a Corporate Booking Tool that integrates the eGlobalfares configurable content with hotels, car, cruise, tour, event, insurance and much more. We leverage each other’s expertise to provide unique platforms to our customers and prospects."

GONÇALO FERNANDES Executive Director of IT & Supplier Relations, GlobalStar

“I saw an opportunity to create a corporate booking and management tool that was seamless and easy to use for travellers, travel bookers, approvers and agents via desktop or mobile device. An advanced yet simple platform that has all the functionality of far more complicated booking tools at a price that we believe will completely disrupt this segment. OneWurld have delivered this.”

GYORGY BARNA GlobalStar Manager-Business Travel Air Partner Ltd

"After running some tests and observing the capabilities of the system, I say we are absolutely happy with the HotelStar portal. The greatest benefit for us is the invoicing process; earlier we were unable to use most of the hotel programmes because it was impossible for us to cover all our bookings with one provider invoice. With your floating deposit and invoicing solution this problem is solved." 

HELMUT PILZ VP, Business Development, Umbrella AG

"OneWurld is a great and valuable technology partner to work with. They have a brilliant team and an outstanding product."

HERRO BLAIR Owner, Travelsaver

"This is the most amazing platform for travel agents around the world. The ability to get rates from so many suppliers puts me in a position to be better than the rest. I know that with my booking platform I can compete and I can ensure success."


Chief Innovation Officer, Loylogic

"In the last 2 years, in deep collaboration with OneWurld, we have developed a full end-to-end earn/burn combination platform. OneWurld has proved to be an organization that stood by their commitment to deliver a world class product to our customers that continues to get better as they continue to add new functionality and content to the platform. The final solution allows us to seamlessly bring on new customers and scale. We are delighted with the partnership with them."


Supplier Account Management

Schmetterling International, Germany

“This is finally an excellent channel for hotel bookings which gives maxium flexibility and independence to our agents! We have launched the tool under “Beds and More” in Germany and Europe and the huge selection of bed-banks including the big onliners is fantastic and has immediately convinced our sales partners of the opportunity for selling hotels in the travel-distribution chain.”

ODETE JACKSON Internal Systems and Operations Manager Sure Travel Connect

"A very big thank you, to you and your team, for the friendship and support we receive daily. This really motivates us to achieve the best results possible, no matter the circumstances. Mountains and valleys are all part of the journey on the road to success. The launch of Sure Travel Connect is already delivering on our growth objectives. This innovative, disruptive technology is the future." 

TEO QUIJANO Comercial, Continental Travel SAC, Peru

"The team is very happy with the OneWurld platform... it has become a great working tool for them. It has also helped us increase our hotel sales with a seamless process and very competitive rates... I am very grateful for all the OneWurld team's support."

VANYA LESSING CEO, Sure Travel South Africa

"The important partnership we have forged with Snowstorm Technologies is fundamental to the delivery of our Group's future strategy. New technology, products and services have dramatically changed the way we live and work. In an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment, the value of working with a team who are dedicated, push the limits of performance and have a clear focus on results, is critical. Thank you to Riaz, Neil and all of the partners in the value chain, who continue to stretch the boundaries of possibility!"